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Why Solar isn't as Green as You Think

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Today we're going to be discussing solar power and why it shouldn't be considered green energy in America. Solar power is a great option for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, in the long term. With that said, we believe that survival, and providing heat in freezing homes, power to medical equipment, and energy to food production take priority.

It is likely you're wondering why I say that solar shouldn't be considered a source of green energy. While the energy produced by solar panels is in fact green, the energy required to produce them is not. It is critical to consider manufacturing processes if you are planning on reducing your environmental impact. Most panels and components are made overseas of the United States, where the environmental and health regulations are significantly less strict than in the US; making their production not only unhealthy for the environment but also for the workers. This is especially true when it comes to solar systems with batteries, as batteries require lithium which is a very hazardous metal when improperly handled.

Shipping has the largest environmental impact in regards to anything logistical. Solar panels and components are bought and sold in bulk, which causes barges to be used in transit. Barges use some of the dirtiest fuel in the world, and it is estimated that it only takes 15 barges to produce more carbon dioxide than every car in the world, combined. So while the energy produced by the panels is indeed green energy, it could take 50+ years of high usage rates to begin offsetting its carbon footprint and be able to truly be called green energy. Thankfully, the first solar panel ever manufactured is still harvesting energy from the sun to this day. It's use for homes, businesses, and getting off of the grid in times of emergency cannot be overstated, but it is best to know what it will take for the US to use solar in an environmentally friendly way: Buying and building local.

Solar can be green- but that is no selling point. Solar is electrical freedom, and with that freedom we can improve the health of this land. We encourage other energy adoption like hydro-electric in tandem with Solar and home generators for a happier, and more stable electrical grid for all of America.

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